Just 150 Frozen Edition BMW M3 models were build for the US market in 2013. They came crafted in Frozen Red, White or Blue, and make a fitting swan song to the last of the M3 Coupes. Never again will we see an M3 Coupe as production ended last week and the M3’s successor is to be called the BMW M4.

Though BMW will not yet confirm which motor is going to power the M3’s replacement, it is rumored that never again will we see such a high revving naturally-aspirated M motor as the 4.0 V8 screamer making 414 hp.

BMWBLOG contacted BMW of North America to find out the take rate for the three colors and how many came with a manual transmission. BMW NA, however, does not disclose take rates on options but they did give us this riddle: “Frozen White is the easiest to find (relatively speaking) and Frozen Red the toughest, but none of the the three colors is more common than the sum of the other two.”


I swear to you I had this question on an SAT exam. If there are any math majors out there let us know what you think the answer is to this riddle or if it is even answerable.

FROZEN: 2013 BMW M3 Coupe Frozen Limited Edition for U.S.

The Limited Edition run of Frozen M3s comes with a $15,400 premium over a base E92 M3. Some may say this is pricey, but consider that BMW includes in that price a $5000 paint job, the $2500 Competition Package lowering the M3 10mm and matte black 19” Light alloy Y-spoke 395M style wheels. The Frozen Editions also have EDC and DSC with sport mapping. Included is also the $4,350 Premium Package and black extended Novillo leather. Unique to the Limited Frozen Editions is deviated stitching which is to match the exterior in these special M3s. Another nice and unique highlight is the gloss black kidney grills, side gills and black exhaust pipe tip complimented by carbon fiber roof.


The 2013 M3 Coupe Frozen Limited Editions come with a 6-Speed Manual transmission but Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) is optional. The Frozen White Limited Edition model that BMWBLOG tested came with the optional, insanely fast shifting DCT. The steering is the venerable hydraulic type and gives nearly telepathic communication with the road especially through the thick M3 steering wheel and deftly placed DCT paddles.

Redline in the 414 hp V8 is an insane 8300 rpm and the optional M Performance Exhaust included in this Frozen White M3 uncorks the exotic V8 German symphony much better than the stock exhaust ever did.


0-60 comes in a listed 4.5 seconds but has been tested at 4.3 by Car and Driver with a manual gear box and 3.9 seconds when equipped with the DCT. The E92 M3 Frozen White we evaluated wasn’t broken in so we couldn’t rev it all the way to 8300 rpm but it sure sounds sweet up to 5000 rpm in the video we made. It’s a great sounding exhaust and even saves 20 lbs which is 40% less mass than stock exhaust.

Back in July 2010 BMW announced the first ever Frozen paint for the United States with the Frozen Gray M3. This limited run of 30 Frozen Gray M3 models sold out in minutes. This was followed up the next year by 20 Frozen Black M3 cars for 2011 and in 2012 40 Frozen Silver M3s were made.


In person, the BMW M3 Frozen White Limited Edition looks absolutely stunning with the contrasting black carbon fiber roof and optional carbon fiber front splitters, mirror caps and rear spoiler. The E92M3 has sadly come to the end of its run. It’s perhaps the last of the naturally aspirated high revving motors we’ll see. The curb weight of 3700 lbs and 14 city / 20 hwy gas mileage yielding 200 miles between fill ups are probably the only parts of this M3 that won’t be missed. The owner of this incredibly gorgeous Frozen Edition M3 is no stranger to the E92 M3 as he came from a 2010 M3 Coupe. He shares his thoughts of ownership here:


Honestly, it’s even more significant a change from my 2010 E92 M3 than I would have imagined; I’m quite blown away by the visual presence of the car, and the addition of the Competition Package and the M Performance Exhaust make an enormous difference to the way the car feels and sounds. I even had mechanics at the dealership coming out of their service bays to tell me how cool they thought the car was. Never had that happen before.

I still can’t get over how much different my new M3 seems from the last one. Visually, obviously, there’s a huge difference. I was initially worried a bit that the boy-racer elements would be too much, but I don’t think that’s the case. All the (factory installed) mods they did are tasteful and fully integrated, and serve to take what I always thought to be the rather regal and muscular E92 up to a more sinister level. The new M Performance Exhaust (optional) is just right; the engine note finally comes through and it sounds the way and big ol’ V8 should sound. And the Competition Package to my feel makes the handling that much more sharp. It might be my imagination but the car seems to turn in more sharply than before…. It’s going to be fun to get to learn this new dude.

Do you have a Frozen Paint BMW? If so let BMWBLOG know how ownership and caring for these special paints has been.

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[Photos: Hugo Becker]