While BMW has been doing a lot of green things lately – and winning awards for their eco-efforts – it’s been hard to keep up with a lot of the new technology that they’ve been implementing into their hybrid and electric vehicles, so we would like to help simplify that for you. That’s why we’ve come up with an overview of the most important things about the new BMW ActiveE 1-Series.

The BMW Concept ActiveE 1-Series is the future of electric vehicles, in terms of luxury and sportiness. BMW has spared no expenses in making a car that will certainly appeal to many BMW fans, the car enthusiasts who love to have fun and enjoy their cars, but also connect with the person who wants to be eco conscious. It is for people that are very conscious about the environment while not having to sacrifice much in terms of fun and performance. So, let’s have a look at the technology implemented in this new concept:

BMW Concept ActiveE

BMW Concept ActiveE: 1-Series BMW in electric form | Engine: Lithium-ion electric pack making 170hp and 184lb-ft of torque (125kW/250 Nm) | Transmission: Direct Drive | Weight: 3,900lbs

Technology: Brake Energy Regeneration (each time the gas pedal is released, or the brake pedal is depressed, energy is stored and regenerated for the battery), Li-ion Battery Pack with its own Liquid Cooling supply, BMW ConnectedDrive (allows for user-friendly and precise information to be relayed to the driver via a cell phone, or some other type of remote device. Shows range, charging time needed, and nearest charging station.) Auxiliary heating and air conditioning (allows for the exact, and desired temperature at any point during your drive or sitting still. Also allows for the vehicle to be heated or cooled while charging at a charge station and fully charged up. Giving you a nice temperature for when you enter the vehicle and drive away)

0-60: 8.5-seconds | Drive Time: Approx. 100 miles | Charge Time: 4.5 hours on 220 volt residential power supply

Other notable things about the Concept ActiveE is the perfect, 50/50 weight distribution that doesn’t stray one bit from BMW’s sporting heritage. Also, the ability to have a full size 1-Series BMW, instead of the back seat and/or trunk space being used up by the battery pack(s), like in most electric vehicles.

So, if you’ve sat in the front and back seats of a 1-Series Coupe, it’ll be the exact same feeling. Unfortunately, though, the trunk is slightly smaller, but a bit larger than the 1-Series Convertible with its top down. It still allows 7 cubic feet of space in the trunk.

This is because the rear axle is utilized for power electronics above of the motor.