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700 BMW ActiveE coming this summer at $499 per month

The BMW ActiveE, the first full-electric BMW available to customers, was unveiled today in advance of the New York International Auto Show, where it will make its North American debut. This is another significant step…

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BMW ActiveE Explained Through Videos

The new 2012 BMW ActiveE will make its debut in two weeks at the Geneva Motor Show. The 1 Series Coupe electric conversion continues down the path of the first electric vehicle launched by the…

World Debut: BMW ActiveE

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BMW Announces Markets for BMW ActiveE Field Trial

New York Metro and Greater Los Angeles will again be included and be joined by Metropolitan markets of San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento and Boston. Later today at Opportunity Green in Los Angeles, BMW will…

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UK bans BMW ActiveE Zero Emission Ads

News reports coming from the UK confirm a ban placed on some BMW ads by the Britain’s advertising watchdog. The banned ads revolved around BMW’s claims that the BMW Concept ActiveE electric car is “100…

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BMW Concept ActiveE: Technology overview

While BMW has been doing a lot of green things lately – and winning awards for their eco-efforts – it’s been hard to keep up with a lot of the new technology that they’ve been…