Two Car Dream Garage: Part Two

BMW M4 | April 8th, 2015 by 16
2015 bmw m4 coupe austin yellow images 04 750x500

What’s your dream car garage? We picked the BMW M4 in Austin Yellow and Range Rover Sport

One thing most car enthusiasts have in common, regardless of preferred brand, is the constant daydreaming of what cars you’d buy if suddenly Warren Buffett decided to leave you his will. We sit there, in our cubicles, or whatever, and daydream about sliding into the seat of a Porsche 918 Spyder with Emilia Clarke sitting in the passenger seat. Okay, maybe that specific daydream is only mine, but the idea is the same.

But that’s too easy and no fun. If you suddenly became filthy, trust-fund baby rich, you’d most likely just go and buy every crazy exotic and be bored with them in a month. It’s much more fun to throw some stipulations into these fantasies. A while back, we did a two car dream garage piece and it seems like you, the readers, enjoyed it. Who doesn’t, amirite? So let’s do another one, except this time, there are some different rules.

Rule #1 – We all like BMWs, obviously so let’s pick a BMW. But the second car must be of another brand.

Rule #2 – Without price restrictions, everyone will just pick a 7 Series and a LaFerrari. That’s no fun. So let’s put a $75,000 per car price cap, but the cars don’t have to be brand new, they can be classics.

Rule #3 – The two cars must be of different genres. For instance: One sports car, one SUV.

Okay, now that you have the rules, start picking your two car, half BMW, half whatever dream garage. I’ll start first.

I’ll start with the Bimmer first. Last time I picked a Silverstone Metallic M3, so I won’t pick that again.

2015 bmw m4 coupe austin yellow images 20 750x499

Instead, I’ll pick an M4…Specifically an Austin Yellow Metallic M4, just because the color is ridiculous and I like that. I’d also take the Black Merino Leather and DCT gearbox, the 19 inch Black and Silver wheels and the Harmon Kardon surround sound system. That’s all, though, as I’m already at $74,000. Bless BMW’s little heart for keeping the M4 affordable to us.

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For my second, non-BMW car, it get’s a little tricky, as there are so many options. I think I’d have to go with something quite unoriginal, the Range Rover Sport.

LAND ROVER Range Rover Sport 750x500

Yes, I know Kim Kardashian has one and that makes it a bit crap, but it’s still an excellent SUV with tremendous comfort and capability. It also looks the business. And my fiance really wants one. I’d have it black on black with a black headliner, to offset the madness that is my Austin Yellow M4. I’d also add the Extra Duty Package, which adds some off-road bits like a two-speed transfer case, and the Luxury Climate and Comfort package, which adds all sorts of luxury goodies and blind spot monitors and the like.

So there you have it. My two choices are an extremely interesting Austin Yellow M4 and the safe yet enjoyable Range Rover Sport. So have at it, minions, and pick your two car garage.

16 responses to “Two Car Dream Garage: Part Two”

  1. Joe Lee says:

    Porsche 911 Turbo S and a BMW X6M! Price limit be damned!

  2. Waffles says:

    My BMW would be a Space Grey E92 M3 premium package with a sun roof, black leather interior. I’ve found one used, 2011 year, with 28k miles for $43k. My other car would be a blacked out, 4 door, lifted Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. I usually see these go used with under 30k miles for about $35k. Both would be 6MT.

  3. Daniel Johnson says:

    Ok, I’ll play. The BMW would probably be a 2017 M2 6MT painted individual Diamondschwartz over cardinal with carbon trim, carbon ceramic brakes, harmon kardon stereo, and 19″ wheels and some Dinan goodies (should be at or under $65k plus $5k for some Dinan goods). The second car, that is a tough one, maybe a Volvo 122 Wagon.

  4. dydaktix says:

    I think while it doesn’t meet the only 1 bmw criteria, my current setup e30 325i with 6MT, (ideally all Alpina’d out, but budget isn’t there yet), and my wife’s e61 535xi m5’d out (bumpers, skirts, fenders, mirrors), and uprated performance on the n54 would be one that I’d love to keep for a long long time.

  5. Mike Vella says:

    Going to spend every penny of the 75K –
    2013 CPO M5.
    Then I’m going to go (sort of) into left field and choose an Audi SQ5 with that sweet supercharged 3.0 V6.

  6. Duke says:

    a bmw bicycle and a hooker besh

  7. Mark says:

    BMW m4 + Audi RS6 Avant :) one sport and one family car :)

  8. dslindc says:

    Booo rules, booo!

    But if I must, I would probably pick the upcoming M2 for my BMW (assuming a proper manual gearbox is available) and for the other car, probably a Porsche Macan S.

    I might also do a 435xi M-Sport Convertible and Mercedes GLK.

  9. TIGER says:

    Loving these engaging posts! I’d pick a fairly new but used Aston Martin Vantage V8 and BMW X5 xDrive35i.

  10. Billy The Hillbilly says:

    wow wow wow, very well then :)

    First I would go for a used Jag F-Type S Convertible w/ ZF automatic, Climate pack and full Suede leather interior, presumably a red one. That thing is just sex on wheels!

    Then I would have to wait a little for the prices of used M6 Gran Coupés to drop to fit that 75k limit. Delimited black on black, B&O sound system and carbon ceramic brakes is my most desirable combination, but I think I would just go for any within the budget and with those carbon ceramic brakes fitted :)

  11. William C. says:

    I would choose a 2010 Onyx Blue M5 with Caramel Leather and every available option. The second one would be a 2015 Dark Grey Ford Mustang GT 50th Anniversary , which is finally available also in Europe! For the M5 I would take one with the SMG III Gearbox (In Europe it is the only available so I haven’t other choices) whereas for the Mustang i would probably choose the 6 Speed Manual.

  12. waelbilalabobilal says:

    For my first car its a BMW M3 F80 or BMW M5 F10
    and my second its the Chevrolet suburban

  13. Senne says:

    My first car would be a rather original choice, the 4 Series Gran Coupe 435i xDrive with the 8 speed automatic and all possible individual options, 19″ rims, adaptive M suspension,… and because I’d personally never buy a non-BMW, my second car would be an X6 xDrive 30d. :) Sorry for breaking the rules. :p

  14. IceDree says:

    • a 2004 BMW 7-series:
    Have it painted in Pure Metal Silver with a Black Leather interior, Matt Ash Wood & a Black Alcantra headliner.

    • a 2015 Cadillac Escalade:
    Painted in Metallic Black with a Black Leather interior, Dark Aluminum with Silver Inlays & a Black Alcantra headliner.

  15. Gear Head says:

    X5M (certified pre owned) and a brand new Shelby GT350

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