Getting behind the wheel of the new BMW M4 Coupe is something no one can’t pass on, and this year, we’ve been fortunate enough to spend quite some time with the first M4 Coupe and the successor of the E92 M3.

Our first encounter with the F80 M3 and F82 M4 took place in May in Portimao, Portugal, followed by a trip to Road America in Wisconsin, then back across the pond at the Nurburgring for the 24 hrs race and in Austria, and now finally in Chicago, our hometown.

And the beautiful Chicago fall was the perfect setting for our next M4 adventure.





We paired up with Maggie McKay and CKCommunications for another cool photoshoot of an Austin Yellow M4 Coupe. This time, the host was the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL.

The race track, located in the suburbs of Chicago, is especially beautiful in the fall when the surrounding trees turn the track into a colorful playground. Now, take the M4 in Austin Yellow, place it on the track, and everything just falls in place – the grass, the rumble strips and the skid marked pavement.


And with just a few M4s on the road so far, the two-door sporty coupe is still The New Kid On The Block and a head turner.

Having the whole track for ourselves has certainly helped our photoshoot so we had some fun placing the car in different corners or straights, or even against the trees backdrop. The result? An impressive high-quality photo gallery so feel free to grab some of those wallpapers for your own digital devices, and stay tuned for a full one-week long review of the M4 Coupe.


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