Given that the current BMW 7 Series will be on its way out this year, adding a fresh set of shoes sounds like a good idea. But finding the right wheel for a classy and sporty sedan can be tricky. You need to have the right design and size in order to keep the car look’s intact.

With a set of Vossen Wheels finished in a dark bronze finish, this Alpine White 7 Series certainly looks fetching, despite the somewhat larger than usual size.

The VF Series from Vossen are made with flow forming technology allowing for a variety of new widths. The VFS-2 is introduced in a 20” and 22” diameter with a width range of 8.5” all the way to 12”.

Alpinme White BMW 7 Series Vossen Wheels Image 1 750x500

The wheels are offered with three concave design profiles in 20” – flat, mid and deep. These new width options provide more fitment flexibility and versatility, along with a stronger and lighter wheel.

Alpinme White BMW 7 Series Vossen Wheels Image 2 750x500

Now, with a set of Vossen wheels and some cosmetic updates, this 7 Series looks fresh, sporty and unique.

Take a look at the images below.

Alpine White BMW 7 Series On Vossen Wheels