With all of BMW’s niche creating enthusiasm, the Bavarian brand has come up with some truly unique cars. There’s pretty much a BMW to fit each and every automotive need, which I guess is the reason for all of this niche making. Many enthusiast complain that it dilutes the brand, but the M3 and M4 are still pretty damn good, so I think the brand’s values are still in tact.

BMW is also the kind of brand that families stick with. What I mean by this, is that when one person in the family buys a BMW, the rest of the family cars usually tend to be BMWs as well. It’s a brand that sticks. So usually, if there’s one BMW in the driveway, it’s likely there’s another as well. And because of BMW’s diverse lineup, each person’s taste, say a husband’s and wife’s, can be had.

So my question to you lovely people is this — If you had a choice of any two BMWs, for just you or you and your significant other, what would your dream two-car BMW garage be filled with?

Silverstone Metallic BMW F80 M3

I’ll give you what I’d pick. I’m a sports car guy, obviously. But since I have a fiance, a dog and will soon be married, a need four doors. So the choice seems obvious, doesn’t it? I’d have an M3. Specifically, a Silverstone Metallic M3, because of the mysterious lack of Sakhir Orange on the builder online (rumor is the orange is coming back for MY2016), with the Black Full Merino leather interior, the DCT gearbox and the M Carbon Ceramic Brake option. Oh, and I’d take the 19” Black wheels, Navigation with the heads-up display and the Harmon Kardon surround sound. Yea, that sounds about right.

Black Sapphire Metallic X3 M Sport Line

My fiance, on the other hand, is not into sports cars. She likes SUV’s. Was raised a Jeep girl, with old-school Jeeps always in her family. So naturally, she wants an SUV. She likes the look of the X3, as it’s a bit sportier than the X5. So the second BMW in my dream garage would be a Black Sapphire Metallic X3 M Sport Line, with Black Nevada Leather, Gray contrast stitching and brushed aluminum trim. Of course, she ticked all the boxes, so it has every package and option possible and she chose the 20” double spoke wheels.

So those are the two BMW’s that would make me most happy sitting in my garage. I don’t need, nor do I really want, the most expensive Bimmers just because they’re the most expensive. Those two cars fit our lifestyle perfect and the M3 is a car that I would totally get off on owning. It’s my perfect garage at the moment.

So what do the readers think? What would be your perfect two car BMW garage?