Can you believe 2007 was fourteen years ago? That’s the year I graduated high-school and still remember it vividly. I also remember when I first saw the E92 BMW M3, with its bulging hood, free-breathing V8 engine, and near-perfect silhouette. I was absolutely smitten, although I really didn’t know a damn thing about cars, looking back. Despite my limited knowledge, I knew the E92 M3 was special even back then. But was the E92 M3 as well-received by people who actually did know about cars?

This retro-review from Top Gear dates back to September 2007 and it’s dripping with superlatives, mostly about its brilliant 4.0 liter naturally-aspirated V8 engine. Its 100 horsepower per liter, lightweight construction, and stratospheric 8,250 rpm redline made it one of the most impressive engines in the world at the time. Conversely, back in 2007, no one knew that the engine’s rod bearings would grenade themselves if not maintained properly. Blissful ignorance, back then.

Photo: Sam Gabsis

What’s interesting is that TG seemed to have loved the E92 BMW M3 back in its day. Now, each and every new M car is met with criticism, simply for not being the car before it. However, TG seemed to think that the E92 M3 was incredible, even when it first debuted. We love it know but we often wonder if we’re looking back at it with the rose-tinted specs of nostalgia.

The common theme among reviews of modern BMWs is that their steering isn’t as good as the steering in BMWs of old. However, TG seemed to really enjoy the steering and handling of the E92, even when it first debuted. So the notion of the E46 M3 being the last M3 with good steering might be wrong. On a tight twisty road, the E92 M3 was, and still is, an absolute blast.

So if you’re looking for a used M3 and don’t want to pay the nearly psychotic prices of the E46 M3, an E92 BMW M3 might actually suit you better.

[Source: Top Gear] [Photos: Sam Gabsis]