Snow driving is probably the best way to learn proper car control, especially in a rear-wheel drive car. Grip levels are extremely low and it’s easy to slide the car at low speeds which, if you have the open space, allows you to practice controlling a car in a slide safely. In this new video from Tedward, we get to see that sort of driving in an E92 BMW M3.

The reason it’s so helpful to learn car control in the snow is that you can do it at low speed. If you go to a race track, on dry tarmac, it takes intense speed and hooligan maneuvers to get the car sideways. As a novice, that can be terrifying and incredibly dangerous. So learning on soft powder, where you can easily coax a rear-drive sports car into drifts at under 20 mph, you can practice with ease and safety.

Doing so in an E92 BMW M3 is also probably a blast. Not only is it a rear-wheel drive sports car but it has an incredible naturally-aspirated V8 with a silky smooth, linear powerband. No instance massive punch of torque, like you get from turbocharged engines. Instead, the power comes in nice and smoothly, allowing you to control it far more easily. That and it sounds sensational.

The E92 M3 also has pinpoint steering and a balanced chassis, which makes it a willing dance partner when the sideways stuff starts. So you can hold long, controlled drifts with ease, all while hearing that remarkable V8 rev out to its redline. Lovely.

These POV snow-driving videos from Tedward are always great, as they show just how much fun snow driving can be. This video also is going to have me scouring E92 M3 classifieds, as if my wife would allow me to have one. A guy can dream, can’t he?