In case you didn’t check, the holiday season is upon us. A little over a month separates us from Christmas and people are already looking for the perfect gifts. Car enthusiasts usually go for car parts or anything related to cars for that matter. The same goes for MINI fans, some of the most hardcore out there. And since most car makers sell all sorts of merchandise these days, MINI decided to do the same, at least for the next weeks.

The Brits unveiled a set of products aimed at making your holidays perfect. Since we’re talking about a British company here, tea and anything related to tea holds a special place. That’s why you can now get a MINI Teapot with a discreet MINI logo on the bottom for your loved ones or even a MINI Tea Maker.

The latter choice consists of a matte white earthenware cup with printed MINI logo, a black lid, which also serves as a saucer, and a stainless steel tea strainer. All this needs a MINI Color Dip Cup and that’s on offer as well, if you think it may be you cup of tea.

The MINI Colour Block Shopper might also interest you, a water-repellent cotton canvas bag with rubberized print at the bottom in layman’s terms. It’s available in the color combinations White/Black, Grey/Coral and Island/Black. The MINI Striped Shopper with its contrasted stripe pattern is also a key item in the MINI 60 Years Lifestyle Collection. The MINI lettering is featured on the front of all shoppers.

You could also go for a MINI Trolley or a MINI Cabin Trolley which is one size smaller. These two will be great presents for those who love the brand and travel a lot. Both items have TSA locks. They each bear the MINI logo and are available in Grey, Island, Coral and British Green.

Those with young babies at home would probably love a MINI Striped baby gift set consisting of a cap and five pairs of socks bringing the young ones into the club from an early age. Many other interesting options await as well, for people of all ages. From a MINI Tricycle to a JCW Go-Kart, there’s something for everyone in the photo gallery below. The products can be ordered at any MINI dealer.