Now that the Holiday season is upon us, the people over at BMW M are enjoying the spirit as well. They also want you to make your own perfect cards and to this end, they created a special section on the website where you can actually use your own photo and one of their crazy quotes to spice things up a little. You can choose from a couple of adjectives, from ‘Too Merry’ to ‘Too Naughty’ and many more and all of them have ornaments on the edges.

To make sure everyone pays attention to their efforts, the guys published a couple of shots of the beautiful BMW E30 M3 Pickup that showed us what happens when you hurry too much to get a Christmas tree home earlier this week. The car itself is a hidden project the M engineers worked on back in the 1980s. It was built atop a BMW E30 M3 Convertible platform because it was easiest to adapt to this sort of purpose.

It used an underpowered version of the S14 engine and it served for 26 years until the E92 M3 was transformed for similar purposes into a pickup. Leaving cold facts behind, it’s time you get started on that card. Make sure you choose the right picture for the frame and then you can actually send it to all your loved ones. You might want to make sure they share your passion for cars though, to avoid any misunderstandings.

After all, we should take heed of what BMW says on the BMW M website: “When you have a sheer, boundless passion for high performance automobiles, you would never make a compromise when it comes to driving pleasure – even if it’s with a Christmas tree on the roof.” Ain’t that the way we all feel when it comes to BMW M cars?