A tug-of-war is not the most scientific test when it comes to comparing two cars. That said, it sure is fun to watch. Yes, we’re aware no one in their right mind would buy a vehicle just because it won such a duel. These showdowns are organized purely out of sheer entertainment since they don’t actually prove anything relevant to a typical buyer.

Several factors are important in a tug-of-war as it’s not just all about who makes the most torque. It’s one of the few occasions when having a heavier vehicle actually helps put the power down better. Tires also play a crucial role in terms of traction, especially if the duel takes place on a slippery surface.

EVs are not particularly great at towing, so they’re a bit handicapped right from the beginning in a tug-of-war against an ICE-powered car. The folks over at Carwow decided to test these facts by pitting the BMW iX against the X7. Specifically, they went with the xDrive50 and the M50i, which weigh just about the same and have almost identical horsepower and torque.

The X7 M50i Won All Three Tug-Of-War Tests

The two Bavarian luxobarges were evenly matched for a while, but the electric SUV eventually lost traction and allowed the gasoline-fueled competitor to pull it. The second tug-of-war was significantly shorter as the X7 M50i effortlessly towed the iX.

Then the Mercedes-AMG G63 came along to see whether a veritable off-roader would have what it takes to beat the V8 BMW. Rather surprisingly given its tough body-on-frame construction with locking differentials, the G-Class lost the fight. It’s interesting because the AMG had more horsepower and torque than X7 M50i, and it was also slightly heavier.

We had hoped to see the tug-of-war on the tarmac as well, but all the tests were conducted on grass.

Source: carwow / YouTube