Some cars, even though faster than anyone could imagine, just don’t look good on the drag strip. Somehow, if you pull up to the strip in a BMW X7, people might start snickering behind your back. Sure, once the light turns green, everyone will pause and watch in awe as a behemoth of this size manages to move at such amazing speeds. But they’d still be judging you somehow. The same could easily be said about the G63 AMG, even though somehow the G-Wagon might get less hate.

And it’s easy to see why. There may be fast and ultra fast SUVs out there but these two – the X7 and G-Wagon – are primarily seen as utilitarian. The G-Wagon, at least, traces its roots back to a car that was used to conquer new grounds back in the 70s and looked as utilitarian as it gets. It also has a design that harks back to that age, one that could be confused with a brick and totally not aerodynamic.

It’s not like the BMW X7 is a lot different though but the innocent bystanders had the chance of getting used to the G-Wagon over so many years, it became rather casual. You’ll see it used for grocery shopping in well-heeled places around the world. But can the new G63 AMG drag race?

That’s what we’re about to see in the video below, where it takes on the 7-seat BMW. On paper, the Mercedes-AMG model has more power and more torque but there are a few things working against it. First on the list: weight. Even though it has two less seats, the G63 is heavier and less aerodynamic, even though I wouldn’t bet money on that last bit. The X7 also probably has more power than the advertised 523 HP BMW claims. So, who will win? Only one way to find out!

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