BMW X7 M50i

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Video: The BMW X7 M50i is too fast for comfort

The BMW X7 range is topped by the V8-equipped M50i model. In this guise, the ultra-luxurious X7 turns into an incredibly fast machine, one that definitely comes close to defying physics. Even though it’s not…

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Photo Comparison: BMW X7 M50i vs ALPINA XB7

As long as ALPINA models exist, there will be debate about whether or not they’re actually better than the standard BMWs on which they’re based. Typically, that question has an easy answer — “yes”. However…

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Autoblog compares BMW X7 M50i vs BMW M760i

When I first drove the BMW X7, there was one car that I immediately felt was in a bit of trouble — the BMW 7 Series. With both cars being roughly the same price, the…

Video: BMW X7 M50i vs Toyota T86 on the track