BMW sadly isn’t selling a body-on-frame vehicle to cash in on the growing demand for ladder-frame behemoths. That hasn’t stopped the peeps from Carwow from pitting the X7 M50i against three truck-based large sport utility vehicles. Not just any SUVs, but the highest performing version of the G-Class, Wrangler, and Defender.

We’re talking about the AMG G63, Rubicon 392, and the V8 derivative of Land Rover’s off-roader. All four have a couple of things in common by sharing an all-wheel-drive setup and an automatic transmission. They’re all V8s, but only the X7 M50i and AMG G63 are turbocharged. The American SUV has a good ol’ naturally aspirated engine whereas the Defender packs a supercharger. Obviously, they’re all quite heavy yet still properly quick off the line.

Four V8 SUVs, But Different In Their Own Ways

It’s worth noting the X7 M50i is the second-most potent of the lot if we’re talking strictly horsepower. With 530 hp on tap, it’s down by 55 hp compared to the AMG G63 and up by five than the Defender V8. Without any type of forced induction, the Wrangler Rubicon 392 has to make do with only 470 hp. As for torque, Mercedes has the most, with 850 Nm at the driver’s disposal. Up next is the BMW with 750 Nm, followed by the Wrangler at 637 Nm and the Defender with 625 Nm.

The four mastodons won’t break track records anytime soon, but they’re still properly quick off the line. They weigh nearly 10,000 kilograms combined, and ironically, the American SUV is the lightest. Even though the X7 M50i is not a fully fledged BMW M model, it can still hold its own in a drag race. As a matter of fact, it won all three as well as the subsequent rolling races. In addition, it also triumphed in the brake test.

Of course, it would be an entirely different story should the four SUVs battle on an off-road course. We’re certain the unibody X7 M50i would be dead last since the other three are proper all-terrain vehicles. Perhaps it’s high time for BMW to add an outdoorsy member to the X lineup. It’s especially true now that Jeep has the upscale Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer models, showing there’s money to be made in the posh yet rough SUV segment.

Source: Carwow / YouTube