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Video: BMW M8 Prototypes Continue Heavy Testing

BMW M8, Videos | May 24th, 2019 by Gabriel Nica

Even though we’ve seen the BMW M8 Competition nearly completely undisguised today, we’re still a bit off from seeing the car in all its glory …

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2020 BMW M8 Competition leaks again!

BMW M8 | May 24th, 2019 by Horatiu Boeriu

After a couple more leaks before, the upcoming 2020 BMW M8 Competition shows its face again – so to speak! A few more shots from …

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VIDEO: BMW M8 Convertible sounds violent on the Nurburgring

BMW M8, Videos | May 18th, 2019 by Nico DeMattia

After seeing the BMW M8 in a closed room viewing, we’ve been hooked. It looks fantastic and is going to be fast as all hell. …

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New McLaren GT to compete with the BMW M8?

BMW M8, Interesting, News | May 17th, 2019 by Nico DeMattia

When the BMW M8 finally makes its debut, it’s going to immediately be one of the very best BMWs on sale. It’s true, no one’s …

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Video: BMW M8 Cabriolet Spied in Its Natural Habitat

BMW M8, Videos | May 17th, 2019 by Gabriel Nica

The BMW M8 is entering its final testing stage. The car we’ve been reading so much about is going to arrive by the end of …

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OPINION: The BMW M8 and its Adaptive Brakes are taking things too far

BMW M8, News | May 9th, 2019 by Nico DeMattia

After a recent official teaser, we recently learned that the upcoming BMW M8 will sport adaptive brakes, allowing the driver to configure brake pedal feel …

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New M Mode and braking technology will be available in the BMW M8 models

BMW M8 | May 8th, 2019 by Horatiu Boeriu

When it debuts in June 2019, the new BMW M8 will bring a series of tech upgrades to the M lineup. BMW M is now¬†unveiling …

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Video: BMW M8 Shows Glowing Red Rotors Testing on Nurburgring

BMW M8, Videos | May 8th, 2019 by Gabriel Nica

Footage of the BMW M8 being tested on the Nurburgring is popping up from every nook and cranny on the internet these days. It definitely …

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Video: BMW M8 Prototype Clocked at Under 7:30 on the Ring

BMW M8, Videos | May 6th, 2019 by Gabriel Nica

Testing of the new BMW M8 Coupe is under way at the Nurburgring, as you probably figure out by out sudden avalanche of articles with …

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BMW M8 Competition leaks again!

BMW M8 | May 5th, 2019 by Horatiu Boeriu

Nearly 5 months after the previous leak, the BMW M8 Competition shows its face again. The latest images showed up on several forums and on …