I’ve got a few beefs with the BMW M8. It’s too expensive, its interior isn’t anywhere near special enough for the money, and it lacks much driver excitement. However, there are a few things it does really well. It’s great looking, it’s shockingly comfortable, and it’s brutally fast. And that’s bone stock. What happens when you bump the power up from 617 horsepower to 800 horsepower? Check out this new video to find out.

In this new video from AutoTopNL, you get to see a POV drive of an 800 horsepower BMW M8 and see its official performance metrics. All while on the Autobahn, trying to reach its max speed.

Last I drove a BMW M8, full-throttle acceleration felt as close to teleportation as you’ll get in an internal combustion car. It was violently fast and still is, even with its standard power. Bump things up to 800 horsepower and the ballgame changes. But how much does it change the car. Is it too much to handle, does it put its power down, and is it as fast as it sounds? Watch the video find out but it certainly passes the eye test. Cars and trucks pass the side windows of this tuned M8 like quick blurs.

While on the Autobahn, they were able to record an indicated 298 km/h (185 mph), so it’s seriously quick but I have no doubt that a 200 mph run is in it somewhere.

Aside from the power and performance, there are a number of visual upgrades as well, including that wild steering whee. The shift lights and small screen might be cool for a bit but they’ll quickly get old. How do I know that? I’ve tested a few Bimmers with similar steering wheels and that can become annoying after awhile.

If you’re looking for a straight-line cruiser, a leather-lined intercontinental ballistic missile, it’s hard to pass up on the BMW M8.