It was a little over a week ago when we talked about the BMW M3 and M4 modified by Zacoe and now the Asian tuner is showing off a different M product. The M8 Gran Coupe is also receiving the carbon fiber treatment courtesy of a custom body kit to dial up the already aggressive looks of the largest M sedan.

Work started at the front where the bumper now hosts a larger spoiler lip with chunky endplates to lend the car a more aggressive stance. There’s more carbon fiber to be found on the L-shaped vent trim while retaining the massive air intakes of the standard M8 Gran Coupe. Moving at the profile, the side skirts have new extensions to make the body appear slightly wider and therefore more imposing.

Of course, it’s the back of the car where the most significant changes have occurred. Zacoe fitted the trunk lid with a carbon fiber wing you’d normally find on a track-focused M car like an M4 GTS. Some would argue it’s a bit too much for a sedan and the large aero element would be more suitable for a stripped-out coupe than a luxed-up sedan.

An additional change made at the back is the beefier diffuser finished in carbon fiber, of course. It now sticks out from the body and incorporates three vertical fins flanked by the quad exhaust system. All these add-ons complement the lightweight roof coming as standard in carbon fiber on the full-fat M8 version.

With Zacoe focusing solely on body kits, the twin-turbo V8 4.4-liter engine has not been modified. In the Competition version, it delivers a meaty 617 horsepower to propel the Porsche Panamera rival to 60 mph in three seconds flat. We haven’t heard anything about the M8 Gran Coupe receiving a hotter version to mirror the M5 CS, but with the M division celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, we won’t exclude the possibility of something special planned for the four-door M8.

[Source: Zacoe]