There are certainly several valid complaints about the BMW M8. It’s too expensive, it lacks the driver engagement you might hope for in a performance coupe, and it isn’t nice enough inside to justify its price. But there’s part of the M8 that can’t be complained about—its looks. The BMW M8 is a great looking car and it can be made even better with a few choice mods. These ones from Vorsteiner certainly do the trick.

Making the M8 look good isn’t hard to do but Vorsteiner does a good job here. It accentuates the good parts of the car; its muscular rear haunches are exaggerated by its roof spoiler, its low-sloping nose is made even lower by the new front splitter, and its new wheels and wheel spacers fill out its big wheel arches even better. Overall, Vorsteiner takes what BMW did right and amplifies it.

All of the parts are made from pre-preg carbon fiber and feature a two-by-two pattern with a glossy finish. Everything is an easy bolt-on install, too. So it won’t take a ton of time or extra money having these pieces installed. And once they’re on, they make the BMW M8 look ever sportier than it already does.

The highlights of this build are the wheels and the rear spoiler. With the former, the dished rear wheel looks so good, giving the car even more width and muscularity at the back end. The M8 features classic front engine, rear-drive sports car proportions, so why not highlight them? Lowering the suspension helps, too. The rear spoiler does the same thing, as it takes your eye to the trunk line and its rear wheel arches, making the car look even more menacing.

No one is going to buy an M8 over a Porsche 911 for its driving dynamics. However, some people might buy the Bimmer based on its looks alone. It does look better than a 911 (although I do love a good 911) and it’s more comfortable inside. So for anyone looking for a good looking, comfortable cruiser, the BMW M8 might be your choice. And if you want bystanders to think even more highly about your car, snag some of these Vorsteiner bits.

This kit is available on all M8 models, including the Coupe, Gran Coupe, and Convertible.

[Source: Vorsteiner]