2021 BMW M2 CS Misano Blue 87 830x553

BMW M CEO: BMW M2 CS Has future classic potential

The BMW M2 CS is a really interesting car, to say the least. It builds on the already great foundation the M2 Competition established and takes things just a bit further. It’s also offered in…

2021 BMW M2 CS Misano Blue 95 830x553

Video: BMW M2 CS Does the Nordschleife in 7:42.99

The latest model to come out of the BMW M division’s capable hands is the M2 CS. The limited-run model is now being delivered to customers around the world and it comes with high expectations,…

Video: BMW M2 CS vs A45 AMG and tuned Audi RS3 drag race

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Slow Car Fast or Fast Car Slow?

I’m hitting the canyons. It’s been a long week, and I’m ready for a nice Sunday full of carving canyon roads. A hot breakfast sandwich is waiting for me at the end also. I hop…

2021 BMW M2 CS Misano Blue 88 830x553

VIDEO: BMW M2 CS vs M2 Competition with Joe Achilles

The new BMW M2 CS is an interesting car because, on paper, it actually doesn’t seem like it’s worth the massive price increase over the M2 Competition. Sure, it’s a bit more powerful but it’s…