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Photo Comparison: BMW iX xDrive50 vs BMW X5 M50i

This time next year, BMW customers will have their choice of two fast, very luxurious SUVs at around the same price point but with very different approaches — the BMW iX xDrive50 and BMW X5…

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Photo Comparison: BMW iX xDrive50 vs Tesla Model X

The BMW iX wasn’t exactly met with enthusiasm from the Bavarian fanbase. Its tech specs are impressive, its interior is fabulous, and its pricing is competitive. But its exterior design is polarizing, to say the…

Video: BMW iX and i4 commercial features Coldplay’s new hit, Higher Power

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5 Best Features Of The BMW iX

BMW fully revealed the iX last week, including all of its technical specs and details. After seeing the full picture, it’s hard to not feel as if the iX is the most impactful BMW since…

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What is the BMW Remote Theft Recorder?

The BMW iX arrived earlier this week and it is by far the most advanced model ever made by the Bavarians. The list of high-tech feature is quite extensive, but there is one that stood…