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Could this BMW iX M Render Become a Reality?

The most anticipated car that is supposed to arrive in BMW dealerships this year is, without a doubt, the iX. This is supposed to be BMW’s new technology flagship, stealing that title from the 7…

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These are the Top Five Best Upcoming BMWs in 2021

It’s probably safe to say that most people are looking forward to 2021, if for no other reason than because it will mean 2020 is over. However, new-year optimism is a good thing; it keeps…

Pre-orders for BMW iX are now open for Australian market

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BMW iX Undergoes Final Winter Testing Ahead of Release

BMW has already unveiled the iX, its most advanced, long-range EV to date. However, despite having already shown off the production car, the Bavarians are still doing final testing on it, before it goes on…

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2022 BMW iX Electric SAV was spotted in Munich

BMW’s new iX electric crossover was spotted earlier this week in Munich. BMW offers two optional customization choices for the iX: the Sport Package and the BMW Individual Exterior Line Titanium Bronze. The color palette…

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BMW iX to go on winter sports tour through Europe

The BMW iX is an important model for the Bavarian company, one that could make or break its electric future. Since BMW touted it as its next technological flagship, and raised the bar quite high…

bmw ix photos 01 830x553

BMW Apologizes for “Ok Boomer” Tweet

The internet is undefeated. If you want to get snarky with the internet, be prepared to face its wrath. Almost immediately after BMW tried its hand at an “Ok, Boomer” meme, in an attempt to…