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Review: BMW iX M60 Or Buy the iX 50?

BMW’s top electric model – until the i7 M70 arrives – is the iX M60. The bespoke electric crossover was introduced to media around the world last week in Berlin and we were on site…

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A day near Berlin photographing the new BMW iX M60

The BMW iX M60 is now ready for its market introduction. After its unveil in late 2021, the fastest and most powerful BMW electric car is heading to global markets. To promote the performance and…

BMW iX Review 2022 – The Bavarians’ Best Electric Vehicle

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VIDEO: BMW iX Gets the Throttle House Treatment

The BMW iX is likely the most polarizing car in the brand’s lineup. Its looks really don’t do it any favors, as it’s just not a great looking car, but it’s interior is fabulous. However,…