The “G45” X3 is facing a problem these days at the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed. The revamped luxury crossover must share the spotlight with the “G90” M5. That said, the event lasts four full days, so there’s plenty of time for BMW fans to get acquainted with both new models. To make it as alluring as possible, the German premium brand brought the spicy M Performance version.

No, not the M40i. That moniker is now a thing of the past as it’s been replaced by the M50. Much like the car featured in all the press images, the range-topping X3 is finished in Dune Grey. Echoing the X1 M35i, X2 M35i, and the recently introduced M135, it flaunts quad exhaust tips. Those two-tone 21-inch wheels can be had with an all-black finish or you can opt for other identically sized alloys. Alternatively, the standard X3 M50 has smaller 20-inch wheels.

We couldn’t miss the opportunity to hop inside the new M Performance X3 and take a few shots. Complimenting the Dune Grey paint we mentioned is the Espresso Brown upholstery. Mind you, it’s not real leather. BMW calls it Veganza, which is marketing jargon for vegan leather. Unlike all the other models with the iDrive 9 infotainment, you still get the rotary knob inside. Praise be!

BMW won’t be selling a diesel counterpart to the X3 M50 since the old X3 M40d is gone forever. We can say the same for the full-fat X3 M because it’s not getting a new generation. Well, at least with a gas engine. Don’t bother waiting for a new X4 either since it’s not going to happen. Earlier this month, a company official announced the crossover-coupe mashup will be axed from the lineup after the “G02” runs its course.

Following its first public appearance at the Goodwood FoS, the new BMW X3 will have its market launch in the fourth quarter of the year. Customers from Europe and the United States will get their cars first, with the rest of the world to wait until 2025. Later next year, the all-new iX3 will debut as a separate model by eschewing the CLAR platform in favor of Neue Klasse.