Back in September 2022, BMWBLOG was the first to report about the potential demise of the X4 after this generation. Now, BMW has confirmed there won’t be a follow-up to the G02. In an interview with Motor1 Italy, a company representative said there’s basically no room in the lineup anymore for the Sports Activity Coupe. We saw this coming right from the moment the latest X2 premiered in October 2023.

Much larger than its predecessor, the entry-level SAC is going to fill the void left following the X4’s demise. Granted, it won’t be a direct replacement considering the X2 is a front-wheel-drive-based vehicle. In addition, the baby crossover-coupe doesn’t have a six-cylinder engine, nor does it offer a plug-in hybrid powertrain. However, the X2 is now much closer in size and pricing to the X4 than ever before.

Understandably, the BMW official conveniently left out the part about how a fully electric iX4 is planned. Although not officially confirmed yet, the zero-emission X4 is expected to go on sale after 2026. It’ll come after next year’s iX3 and the i3 sedan due in 2026. The swoopy EV is reportedly codenamed “NA7” and will sit on the Neue Klasse platform. In addition, an iX4 M is supposedly planned as the “ZA7.” It won’t actually be called the iX4 M since the German brand recently said it won’t combine “i” with “M.”

Meanwhile, you’re probably wondering how much life is there left in the current X4. Our sources say the G02 is sticking around for a while, even though the X3 “G45” is out. The middle child of the SAC lineup is likely to remain in production until late 2025. If true, it’ll peacefully coexist with the new X3 for about a year. BMW will commence deliveries of the revamped luxury crossover in Q4 2024. Initially, Europe and the United States will be prioritized, with the rest of the world to follow from January 2025.

The Neue Klasse-based iX3 and iX4 are not the only new electric SUVs in the pipeline since we’re expecting an iX5, iX6, and an iX7. These three larger models will stick to the CLAR architecture by sharing hardware with the conventionally powered models. The electric SUV onslaught is widely believed to render the iX redundant.

Source: Motor1 Italy