After axing the quad-turbo M50d models back in 2020, BMW is signaling the beginning of the end for the M40d. Debuting in June, the next-generation X3 will eschew the diesel M Performance version. An M Lite is planned as the M40i-replacing M50 but it won’t be joined by an oil-burner. That’s hardly a surprise given the drop in demand for diesels in Europe where emissions regulations are also accelerating the engine’s downfall.

The sporty diesel isn’t going away completely. The M340d and M440d models are still part of the company’s portfolio. In addition, the ALPINA D3 S and D4 S remain on sale. However, it’s only a matter of time before these will be discontinued as well. Whether it’ll happen during the current life cycle or at the end of it remains unknown. The next X4 isn’t getting the M40d treatment either. In fact, there won’t even be another generation of the crossover-coupe with combustion engines. There’s only going to be an electric iX4 on the Neue Klasse platform.

The X3 arriving later this year will thankfully keep the inline-six engine for the M Performance model. That comes somewhat of a surprise given the stricter legislation in the European Union forcing automakers to downsize. Not only is the “B58” engine staying but BMW has hinted it’s even getting more power. In the outgoing model, the 3.0-liter mill offers 382 hp and 500 Nm (369 lb-ft). Expect slightly more in the X3 M50.

Another X3 flavor that won’t stick around will be the full-fat M. Although there have been reports of a “G97” X3 M, our sources tell us the range-topper isn’t happening. Instead, BMW wants to give the Neue Klasse-based iX3 the M treatment. The next-generation electric crossover will go on sale in the second half of 2025. However, the M model is unlikely to arrive until later in 2026. It’s likely to be launched after an M Performance derivative, potentially labeled M60.