It seems like we were welcoming the G60 BMW 5 Series to the lineup just yesterday. But today, we get our first introduction to the BMW M variant: the G90 M5. The G90 M5 changes almost everything familiar about the “regular” G60 5 Series, but it also looks and performs radically different from the F90 M5 that it replaces. Here’s how the two compare.

Exterior Design

It might be easier to tell you what stays the same between the F90 M5 and its replacement, the new G90 M5. It’s a short list: you’ll find quad tailpipes in the back, familiar M aero mirrors on the side, and a bulging hood in front. The two are completely distinct, with the new G90 M5 featuring an illuminated grille similar to the G60 5 Series and unique lighting signatures. The G90 boasts noticeably smaller air intakes in the lower corners than the F90 and more black plastic than the F90, too. A carbon roof – standard on the F90 – is now optional on the G90.

Around back, the G90 gets black inlets in the bottom of the rear bumper and taillights lifted from the current 5 Series. The diffusor is different from the F90, too, broken into two distinct parts. New wheel choices and a charging port—along with generally bigger dimensions—further set the new M5 apart from the old one.

The new M5’s looks probably won’t be for everyone, but the G90 is indisputably more “new” looking than the old car. The widespread use of black plastic in the front bumper – and illuminated kidney grille with a “modern” design – makes it fit in perfectly with the rest of the new BMW lineup.

Interior Design

Big changes come to the G90 M5’s interior. Remember, the F90 M5 never even got the ubiquitous curved display that populates almost the entire current BMW lineup. We’ll talk about tech specifics later, but it’s impossible not to notice the drastically more modern interior in the G90 – largely courtesy of a curved display front and center. The other two biggest changes are a squared-off steering wheel and much more heavily-integrated ambient lighting.

The smaller gearshift in the G90 is another noticeable change, but the two offer some similarities that are easy to spot. It looks like almost the same exact armrest was used, and the M1/M2 buttons are quite familiar, too. BMW says the seats are more highly adjustable than the F90’s, and they’re now available in Metallic Merino leather – a new leather developed specifically for the new M5.

A host of new color options inside – and a generally more open layout – gives the G90 M5 easy wins regarding the interior. Its predecessor was classy but getting long in the tooth, and the new one changes enough to make it contemporary without going too overboard and distracting from what matters most in an M car – driving.


In some ways, the G90 M5 isn’t that much different than its predecessor in terms of performance. Both are fast, thanks to a twin-turbo V8 engine under the hood, and offer prodigious torque and tons of M-specific tuning and chassis bits. But the G90 M5 introduces a lithium-ion battery and an electric motor. The hybrid system is good for 280 Nm (206 pound-feet) of torque and 145 kW (197 horsepower). The familiar S68 twin-turbo V8 engine develops 430 kW (585 horsepower) and 750 Nm (553 pound-feet) of torque. Total maximum output: 727 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque, or 535 kW and 1,000 Nm.

No matter how you look at it, the G90 M5 delivers a lot more horsepower and torque than the outgoing model. Plus, thanks to a surprisingly usable all-electric cruising range, it’s definitely a better daily driver in some respects. We’ll have to wait and see how the car feels from behind the wheel; but on paper, the G90 M5 should outperform the F90 handily.


iDrive Operating System 8.5 joins the now-familiar curved display for the first time in a BMW M5. With it comes lots of technology that the F90 M5 never got, like AirConsole gaming and even YouTube integration. Of course, the G90 M5 is also a hybrid, adding recharging and pre-conditioning options that the old model never had. You’ll still find familiar features like wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, voice commands, My BMW app integration, and hotspot capabilities.

The G90 M5 is wildly different from its predecessor. Along with modernized looks and a hybrid powertrain, it gives us a glimpse at what the much-anticipated M5 Touring could be like. We look forward to comparing the two very soon. What do you think about the newest iteration of the BMW M5?