As if you needed more proof new car prices are getting out of hand after discovering the €70,000 1 Series, here’s a six-figure BMW X3 that’s not an X3 M. The configurator for the fourth-generation luxury crossover has gone live in Germany, so we immediately maxed it out. Although the math starts at €82,500 for the M50, we were able to add roughly €18,000 worth of optional goodies.

We opted for the Frozen Pure Grey Metallic paint, a matte color from the Individual catalog available for a steep €2,880. Our pricey build also has 21-inch aerodynamic Individual wheels with a two-tone look, which will set you back an extra €1,650. Inside, the fully loaded X3 M50 has real leather. This Merino upholstery in Amber/Atlas Gray is another Individual upgrade for which BMW will charge you €2,400.

By far the most expensive option available is the Innovation Package. It costs €4,850 and bundles the Driving Assistant Plus with the Parking Assistant Plus. The BMW Live Cockpit Professional is also included, alongside an interior camera. For another €1,500, the Comfort Package brings front and rear heated seats, ventilated front seats, and rear sun blinds. You’ll be paying the same for the panoramic sunroof featuring an electric roller blind.

We also ticked the box on the options list for the electrically deployable tow hitch, adding another €1,150 to the final bill. That dark fabric covering the dashboard is available for €500 and is made entirely from recycled polyester. A heated steering wheel also costs extra, at €270. We spent another €100 of our virtual money on the Magnolia fine-wood dashboard as yet another Individual upgrade.

All told, this 2025 BMW X3 M50 costs a little over €100,000 at home in Deutschland. It’s likely going to remain the most expensive version. Why? Because an actual X3 M is allegedly not planned with a combustion engine. We’re hearing there will be an electric X3 M but on the Neue Klasse platform rather than CLAR. The regular second-gen iX3 arrives near the end of next year, so an M model is unlikely to land before 2027 or so.

Meanwhile, the X3 M50 costs a far more attainable $65,275 in the United States before you start adding options.

Source: BMW Deutschland