When BMW introduced the X3 M50 yesterday, it chose to show off the M Performance SUV with a new Dune Grey color. We now get to see the top dog in the “G45” family in Fire Red aka Vegas Red in the United States. M boss Frank van Meel shared official images of the flagship X3 with the attractive paint scheme.

In the US, there will be one solid and nine metallic colors available for the X3 M50. Although we’ll have to wait for the configurator to be updated in the US, it’s already live in Germany. Aside from the two paints we’ve mentioned, the performance crossover can be had in M Brooklyn Grey, Sophisto Grey, and Artic Race Blue. The color palette also includes the usual Sapphire Black and three Individual colors. Frozen Pure Grey and Deep Grey will be the matte options, alongside Tanzanite Blue. If you want to keep it simple, there’s nothing wrong with Alpine White uni.

Color availability will depend on where the X3 is built. There will be greater variety for the vehicles built in Spartanburg, South Carolina. We’re talking about the conventionally powered models with gasoline and diesel engines. BMW touts more than 15 Individual special paint finishes for the non-electrified X3s. The plug-in hybrid will come alive from Plant Rosslyn in South Africa and is likely to offer fewer color choices.

The X3 M50 gets 20-inch wheels from the factory, with several designs to choose from. Optional 21-inch sets are available from launch, and we’ve been told there will be even larger 22-inch alloys. It’s the only flavor of the fourth-generation model with that grille design. At the same time, the quad exhaust is also reserved for the M Performance variant. The rear badge has changed compared to the defunct X3 M40i, and we’re not just talking about the name change. The letter “M” is now bigger than the “50” after it.

The new X3 M50 will hit the market in Q4 2024 but only in the US and Europe. Other regions will get the sporty crossover from January 2025. An X3 M50d with a six-cylinder diesel engine is not happening.

Source: Frank van Meel / Instagram