BMW is dripping details about the new X3 ahead of the luxury crossover’s full debut in June. We’ve learned from Nicolai Martin, Senior Vice President Driving Experience BMW Group, a juicy detail about the M Performance version. Likely to switch from the current “X3 M40i” to the “X3 M50” designation, the spicy derivative will come with stately 22-inch wheels.

Yes, 22-inch wheels on an X3. Well, perhaps that’s not such a surprise considering BMW is selling 21-inch wheels for the baby-ish X1. Even the cheapest X3 “G45” will ride on an 18-inch set. We’ve been told the tires have been specifically developed for the fourth-generation crossover. In addition, the Mercedes GLC competitor is getting a wider track compared to the outgoing “G01.”

We’ve already sampled an early prototype and learned about the X3 M50’s significantly increased body stiffness, new steering system, and rear axle lock differential. The M Performance model will also be more aerodynamically efficient (Cd 0.27 vs 0.29). BMW has already confirmed the “B58” is staying, even suggesting there could be a power boost. For reference, the old X3 M40i offered 382 hp from its turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six.

As usual, the X3 M50 for Europe will have a gasoline particulate filter (OPF) that will severely impact the soundtrack. Speaking of the engine’s note, BMW is installing a quad exhaust system, even though this isn’t a full-fat M car. It won’t be the first M Performance crossover with four tips since the X1 M35i and X2 M35i already have the aggressive setup.

A stiffer M Adaptive suspension will be available alongside a less punishing and adaptive system. As one would expect, the X3 M50 will utilize the tried-and-tested ZF eight-speed automatic transmission channeling power through the standard xDrive. The new generation is expected to have a slightly larger body but with a virtually identical wheelbase.

The M Performance flavor will be available from day one, alongside the regular gasoline, diesel, and plug-in hybrid models. Although there have been rumors of another true X3 M, our sources say it’s not happening. Well, not with a combustion engine. Next year’s iX3 is likely to get a fully fledged M variant later this decade.