As someone with a soft spot for base models, I never miss an opportunity to see the latest BMW model without any options whatsoever. Thankfully, the German luxury brand fuels my harmless obsession by launching the configurator shortly after the official debut. Case in point, the fourth-generation X3 can already be customized in Germany. Sure enough, the entry-level version is included in its basic glory.

BMW Deutschland charges €57,900 for this entry-level X3 20 xDrive with Alpine White paint and 18-inch wheels. Inside, the seats come wrapped in Econeer, marketing jargon for a new textile composite made from over 93% recycled material. As standard, the new crossover has a completely leather-free cabin. Veganza (artificial leather) is an €800 option while real Individual Merino leather costs an extra €3,300.

If you’re not a big fan of that quirky grille, you can make it less striking by opting for a black finish. It’s available with the M Sport Package (from €61,600). You can go a step further by getting the M Sport Package Pro (from €65,230), which gives the kidneys a dark contour. Various wheels up to 21 inches are available, and there will be a bigger 22-inch set for the X3 M50. The M Performance model starts at €82,500 at home.

While the previous-generation X3 (G01) had rear-wheel-drive variants, its successor is xDrive-only. Well, at least at launch. BMW hasn’t said whether there are any intentions to sell sDrive models. As a refresher, the old crossover was offered in sDrive20i, sDrive30i, and even the sDrive18d with a diesel engine. Of course, a two-wheel-drive model would lower the vehicle’s starting price. At the other end of the lineup, an X3 M is not planned. In addition, the M40d won’t live to see another generation.

Although it was just revealed, the 2025 BMW X3 won’t go into production until September. Conventionally powered models are going to be manufactured in Spartanburg, South Carolina in the United States. The not-for-America X3 30e xDrive with a plug-in hybrid setup will be made in Rosslyn at the plant in South Africa.

Source: BMW Deutschland