BMW has typically exhibited restraint in its teaser campaigns leading up to the reveal of new models. However, it has changed the modus operandi for the next-gen M5 by previewing the super sedan on multiple occasions. The G90 is back in yet another official preview, announcing the world premiere is “coming soon.” As we previously reported, the AMG E63 competitor is scheduled to premiere in the last week of June.

Because it’s 2024 and apparently illuminated grilles are all the rage, the new M5’s kidneys have an illuminated contour. Hiding under the cover is the sedan because we won’t see the wagon at first. The G99 M5 Touring is scheduled to premiere later this year, complete with visas for the US and Canadian markets. It’s the first time BMW is bringing an M wagon to North America. Better late than never, right?

The heaviest, largest, and most powerful M5 ever will give the eighth-generation 5 Series the V8 engine it deserves. With no M550i planned, the flagship will be the only flavor of the G60/G61 lineup to have eight cylinders. Underneath the hood, the engineers are fitting a twin-turbo, 4.4-liter “S68” unit. The gas engine will be at the core of a plug-in hybrid setup. We’re hearing the combined output will exceed the 700-horsepower mark.

Insiders claim the M5 Sedan is going to weigh 2,435 kilograms (5,368 pounds) and will be an imposingly large car. It’s apparently 5096 mm (200.6 in) long and 1970 mm (77.5 in) wide, which would make it 36 mm (1.4 in) longer and 70 mm (2.8 in) wide longer than a standard 5 Series. Rumor has it that the wheelbase also had to be stretched a bit to accommodate the different suspension geometry.

The camouflaged prototype we photographed in Austria at the Salzburgring had 20-inch front and 21-inch rear wheels. These alloys were wrapped in 285/40 ZR20 and 295/35 tires, respectively. We also noticed the gold calipers, with the eye-catching color denoting the use of carbon-ceramic brakes.

While the cat is out of the bag in terms of technical specifications, performance numbers are still shrouded in mystery. We should learn all there is to know about the 2025 BMW M5 in roughly two weeks from now.

Source: BMW M / Instagram