We are weeks away from the world premiere of the new M5. However, BMW will initially only show the sedan (G90) at the end of June. Enthusiasts will have to wait until later in 2024 for the Touring (G99) to break cover. In the meantime, the more practical body style has been seen testing hard at the Nürburgring. Officially confirmed for the United States, the super estate was being driven at full tilt around the challenging German track.

Still fully camouflaged, the third iteration of the M5 Touring has a completely different engine compared to its predecessors. The sweet music you’re hearing comes from a V8. This 4.4-liter unit is bigger than the inline-six BMW installed in the ultra-rare E34 but smaller than the mighty V10 of the E61. Unlike the models before it, the new long-roof M5 is turbocharged. It’s also a plug-in hybrid, as evidenced by the charging port in the front fender.

You’re looking at about 700+ horsepower worth of wagon. Even with the disguise, you can tell the G99 is one mean-looking car. BMW can’t hide the M5 Touring’s bulging fenders and large air intakes. The slightly angled reflectors at the rear accentuate the vehicle’s wide hips. An M-specific grille sets it apart from a standard 5 Series Touring G61. The quad exhaust system is another telltale sign this isn’t a regular wagon.

It’s not every day we see an estate looking like it’s glued to the Nordschleife tarmac courtesy of the lowered sports suspension. The massive rear diffuser makes it obvious we’re dealing with an M car. It’s unclear whether hiding underneath that swirly camo is a carbon fiber roof. As with the standard wagon, you can’t open the rear glass independently of the tailgate. This feature remains available on the smaller M3 Touring and its non-M cousins.

Competitors are not wasting any time either. Audi is working on an RS7 Avant to replace the current RS6 while AMG is putting the finishing touches on the next-gen E63 Estate. In a sea of high-performance SUVs, the German luxury trio wants to offer an alternative for the family man who is always in a hurry.

Source: CarSpyMedia / YouTube