The BMW Group isn’t all about cars this weekend at the 2024 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. The Skytop, M4 CS, and Cullinan are joined by an equally interesting two-wheeled product. Motorrad is attending the event at Lake Como in Italy to show the spectacular R20. It’s a one-off project equipped with a large 2.0-liter boxer engine.

The air-oil-cooled engine is unquestionably the R20’s pièce de resistance, complete with new cylinder head covers. It also boasts a different oil cooler and belt cover, both of which were specifically developed for the concept. The new hardware has allowed BMW Motorrad to partially hide the oil pipes. With an exposed driveshaft and an open exhaust featuring a megaphone-styled exit, it’s sure to draw a crowd.

The unique cruiser rides on 17-inch wheels with 120/70 front and 200/55 tires, while the stopping power comes from ISR. There are radially mounted six-piston front and four-piston rear calipers. BMW’s motorcycle division also teamed up with Öhlins for its adjustable Blackline suspension elements. At the front, the LED headlight is mounted on a 3D-printed aluminum ring. At the rear, the taillight is neatly embedded into the seat.

For the aluminum tank, the team behind the R20 opted for a “hotter than pink” paint. This striking color harkens back to the 1970s. Another neat detail is represented by the air intake funnels, which are made from polished and anodized aluminum. At 1550 millimeters (61 inches), the wheelbase is significantly shorter than that of the R18.

Power isn’t mentioned but the R18 offers a healthy 90 hp and 158 Nm (117 lb-ft) of torque from its smaller 1.8-liter unit. The R18 already uses BMW Motorrad’s biggest two-cylinder boxer engine, and this new version is even larger and presumably more potent.

As with the BMW Skytop we mentioned earlier, the R20 is officially a concept with no plans for series production, not even limited.