Appropriately called “Magnifica,” this one-off BMW R18 is a highly bespoke version celebrating its world premiere today in Monaco during the 2022 Top Marques show. The intricate bike was commissioned by Officine Riunite Milanesi while the actual work was conducted by Andrea Radaelli from Radikal Chopper. The unique cruiser is a mélange of aluminum, brass, and wood to create an original design fit for a hand-built bike.

The starting point of the R18 Magnifica was a good ol’ sketch rather than relying on modern technologies such as computer-aided design (CAD). Almost everything that you see was manually built, except for the wheels. These have been machined from billet and come with custom brakes developed specifically for the bike.

Overall, the design takes after vintage motorbikes from the 1920s through 1940s, with the BMW R37 serving as a source of inspiration. The retro touch is evidenced by using wood, noticeable on the grips. The idea also stemmed from BMW cars of yesteryear that were fitted with a wooden steering wheel. All the intricate details go to show the amount of time and dedication invested into the one-of-one R18, which truly is magnificent.

Not only does the R18 Magnifica look great, but all these changes have also objectively improved the bike since its weight has been reduced to 260 kilograms (573 pounds). That’s a significant diet of 85 kg (187 lbs) compared to the donor bike.  Also worth noting is that the tail and seat are one-piece suspension while the mahogany rear end with a polished stainless steel center section is a classy touch.

Despite the massive changes, we’re being told the electrical system has not been modified and the R18 remains fully functional and serviceable. That said, BMW has a big disclaimer included in the press release since the R18 Magnifica wasn’t technically built by the company’s motorcycle division:

“Modification of series production vehicles (including the fitting and use of third-party and self-made parts) can impair riding characteristics! Riding our vehicles in modified condition is at your own risk.”


Source: BMW Motorrad