BMW Motorrad, under the new leadership of Markus Flasch, is seriously considering entering the prestigious MotoGP championship. Flasch’s recent statements at the launch of the R 20 Concept at Ville d’Este highlight the brand’s growing interest in joining the world’s most famous motorcycle racing league.

“We consider ourselves number one, and there is a Champions League of racing, and the Champions League is MotoGP,” Flasch declared. This ambitious statement underscores BMW’s competitive spirit and its desire to measure itself against the best in the industry. While the idea of joining MotoGP is still in its infancy, Flasch’s comments indicate a genuine interest in exploring this high-profile racing series.

Flasch sees potential in MotoGP’s future, especially with Liberty Media, the owners of Formula 1, now at the helm. “MotoGP will receive even more attention in the future with Liberty Media taking over,” Flasch says. “We see what happened to Formula One when Liberty Media took over,” Flasch explained.

However, there are several factors at play. The recent acquisition of MotoGP by Liberty Media, upcoming rule changes, and BMW’s internal leadership shift all contribute to the complexity of this decision. Flasch acknowledges these changes but remains optimistic about the opportunities they present. “If we want to continue to be successful around the globe, then I would like to do racing around the globe,” he stated, hinting at BMW’s global ambitions.

No Decision Yet

Flasch further emphasized the seriousness of their consideration. “We seriously consider it what we have not made any decision yet,” Flasch told us. One significant hurdle is the cost. Flasch candidly addressed this concern, saying, “Cost. It’s an investment into the brand. And, as you know, with marketing, it’s always hard to tell if the first or the second $50 million that you spent was the right $50 million.”

Although Flasch refrained from revealing concrete plans, his comments, coupled with the strategic moves he’s made since becoming CEO, suggest that BMW Motorrad might be gearing up for a MotoGP entry as early as the 2027-2028 season.