The BMW Group is an automotive juggernaut as it operates more than 30 factories across the world. In 2023, a whopping 2,661,922 cars were built for the BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce brands. The volume represents an increase of 11.7% compared to the year before. The plant in Dadong, China was the most fruitful after pumping out 420,586 cars, ahead of Spartanburg (USA) with 410,793 vehicles.

Ever wonder how many parts are needed to keep the colossal manufacturing machine working? The number is just staggering. Speaking this week during the Annual General Meeting, BMW Group CEO Oliver Zipse said the production network relies on suppliers to provide 36 million components each and every single day. With annual sales continuing to rise to record levels, the number could still grow.

As you can imagine, the core BMW uses most of the production capacity and parts. In 2023, a whopping 2,340,547 cars with the famous roundel rolled off the assembly lines. The volume jumped by 12% compared to 2022. MINI built 315,196 vehicles, or 10.1% more than the year before. Rolls-Royce suffered a slight decline of 1% to 6,179 cars. However, that was to be expected since the Wraith coupe and Dawn convertible are gone from the lineup.

With the Neue Klasse on the way, the BMW Group’s annual production might reach a record level in 2026. It’ll be the first full year for the iX3 replacement to be made in Debrecen at the new plant in Hungary. Also coming in 2026 will be the i3 sedan from the Munich plant in Germany. Plant Shenyang will also build an unspecified EV in 2026. Come 2027, the San Luis Potosí site in Mexico will kick off Neue Klasse production as well.

Lest we forget that MINI currently builds the new electric 3-Door Cooper and Aceman subcompact crossover exclusively in China. However, that will change in 2026 when the two EVs will also come alive from the factory in Oxford, UK. The British-made models have higher chances of reaching the US market whereas the Chinese-built cars have been ruled out. North American availability of the EVs would bolster the BMW Group’s production further.

Source: BMW