We typically associate Isle of Man Green with M cars but this iX2 is far from being a performance vehicle. Now in its second generation, the crossover-coupe mashup offers a fully electric derivative. We spotted this swoopy SUV at a BMW dealership in Belgium where the zero-emission X2 was dressed to impress with the M Sport Package Pro.

Because compact cars are not what they used to be, BMW can comfortably mount 20-inch wheels on its smallest vehicles. This stylish two-tone set (873 M) is not even the biggest available for the X2. Upgrade to the M35i version and you can opt for 21-inch wheels. If you haven’t seen the new generation yet, it’s a lot bigger than its predecessor. It has been stretched by 2.6 inches and widened by 0.8 inches while height is up by 2.5 inches.

Photo: louyet.bmw.be

The X2 is so big now that we’re hearing reports that it’ll ultimately supersede the X4. BMW has apparently decided not to renew the X4 with gasoline and diesel engines. There might be a fully electric iX4 on the Neue Klasse platform in the second half of the decade, but the ICE model’s days are numbered. Once the conventionally powered X4 is axed, expect the X2 to fill the void.

The X2 has undergone a radical makeover since it looks nothing like its predecessor. The iX2 gets a distinct kidney grille design the iX1 recently received as well. The two not-so-small electric crossovers don’t directly replace the quirky i3. A true entry-level EV with a lower asking price is unlikely to arrive until around 2028.

In the meantime, the iX1 and iX2 come in two flavors. There’s the front-wheel-drive eDrive20 and the all-wheel-drive xDrive30 with dual motors. The more stylish of the two EVs costs from €49,400 in Germany, rising to €56,500 for the more potent variant. Add the M Sport Package Pro, special paint job, and other upgrades – and you’ll be paying well over €60,000.

BMW has sadly decided against bringing the iX1 and iX2 to the United States where the i3 was retired in 2021.

[Photos: Guillaume Dame / louyet.bmw.be]