Along with the UK and Japan, Australia was a main driving factor in convincing BMW to build a right-hand-drive M3 Touring. The G81 is the gift that keeps on giving because the success of the super wagon has persuaded the automaker to bring another estate Down Under. Had it not been for the popularity of the long-roof M3, the 5 Series Touring would’ve been a no-show in Australia.

Speaking at the iX2’s local launch, BMW Australia’s man in charge of product and planning explained how the G61 came to be. Brendan Michel revealed the strong demand the G81 is enjoying has convinced the luxury brand to also sell the i5 M60. “What gave us the ammunition to have a rethink on [the i5 Touring] was the success of the M3 Touring.”

BMW killed the 5 Series Touring in Australia back in 2020 due to low demand. Before retirement, the G31 was being outsold by the X5 by a ratio of 20 to 1. At the same time, the wagon represented only about four percent of the total 5 Series sales volume. That is why the Australian branch was reluctant to bring the new-generation model.

Only the i5 M60 Touring has been confirmed locally. It’s unclear whether the M5 wagon will be available in Australia. In other markets such as Europe, BMW sells the new large estate in lesser versions. People from the Old Continent are spoiled for choice since there are gasoline, diesel, and plug-in hybrid drivetrains. For now, just the electric M Performance is announced for an August launch. The only other wagon currently sold there is the smaller 330i Touring strictly with rear-wheel drive.

Time will tell whether BMW Australia will change its mind about not bringing other wagon flavors. In the meantime, more regions are getting high-performance estate cars. The M5 Touring has been officially confirmed for the United States and Canada. In addition, dealers in the US are asking the company to bring a high-end 5 Series Touring. It could also be this i5 M60 wagon and/or a well-equipped gasoline model.