The BMW i4 Gran Coupe is, somehow, already due for its mid-lifecycle refresh. Like the rest of the 4 Series Gran Coupe lineup, it receives incremental improvements over the first production run. While performance is unchanged, there are lots of other minor changes that make it the best version of the BMW i4 yet. Here’s how the electric 2025 BMW 4 Series Facelift compares to the one you’ve already met.

Exterior Design

The facelifted 2025 BMW i4 Gran Coupe has a narrower headlight design and a refreshed kidney grille in the front. The grille now boasts a matte chrome surround and the top half features a design reminiscent of what you see on the front of the iX – a mesh/honeycomb pattern. New lighting signatures further separate the facelifted version from the old one. In the back, M Sport-equipped i4 models get a black diffuser element. Finally, Laserlight headlights – and taillights – are available on the model.

The i4 adds Cape York Green and Fire Red metallic (Vegas Red in the U.S.) paints to its stable, and it gets new options for 19- and 20-inch alloy wheels. While the outgoing model hardly looked long in the tooth, the latest version certainly shines a new light on it. Especially when decked out with M Sport goodies and wearing new paint and Laserlights, the new i4 looks right out of the future – and creeps inches closer to what the i4 Concept looked like so many years ago.

Interior Design

The 2025 BMW i4 gets the same curved display carried over from last year’s model, but there are some changes to spruce up the cabin. Vernasca leather upholstery is still available with a new black/red bi-color scheme. Individual Merino leather is new to the options sheet, available in three (unspecified) colors.

The i4 also gets the redesigned steering wheel sweeping through the modern BMW lineup – two spokes with a polygonal look. M Sport cars get a flat-bottom unit with a 12 o’clock marker. Also exclusive to vehicles with the M Sport Package is M Performtex upholstery, a new sustainable and lightweight upholstery. Matte Dark Graphite trim is now standard, and so is ambient lighting which runs the length of the dashboard, including the redesigned air vents. Overall, the changes are small – but add up to a richer and more luxurious experience than before.


There aren’t any performance changes for the new BMW i4, though we can’t say we expected any. None of the other 4 Series models got a bump – save the halo M4 – so it makes sense that the i4 wouldn’t either. The M50 remains the top dog, with the versatile xDrive40 right behind it. We will have to wait and see how the new wheels impact range – if they do at all.


The 2025 BMW i4 joins the rest of the 4 Series lineup by upgrading to iDrive 8.5 with QuickSelect functionality. That means a more intuitive home screen layout and plenty of other UI improvements. Unfortunately, a few buttons disappear, but BMW is quick to point out that you can now control climate functions and other essentials via voice or touch. Great.

Rounding out the improvements to the facelifted i4 are better voice commands – now, your car can understand Swedish, Polish, and Dutch. New graphics are displayed on the command screen when the voice prompt understands your request, too – i.e., a gas pump when the driver asks for navigation instructions to the nearest filling station. Augmented Reality also makes its debut on the model. The new i4, predictably, does everything the old one does – and then some.

The BMW i4 takes some significant steps forward in areas such as interior refinement and technology. But there probably isn’t anything so important that you should question taking delivery of a 2024 model. Did you expect bigger changes? How do you like the new grille?