If you’ve read any of my articles, you’d know I’m a huge proponent of BMW’s Individual color program. If it’s my money, I’m not buying any sort of special BMW in a standard color. Any sort of M car or high-end luxury car is getting the Individual treatment before it hits my driveway (hypothetically, of course, I can afford neither). But what about more sensible, standard BMWs? I think it’s great. Which is why this BMW M340d Touring in Verde Ermes is awesome.

Verde Ermes is an interesting color because it’s such a vibrant shade of green, it looks completely out of place on anything other than an exotic. Which is why it’s so fun. I tested a BMW M3 awhile back, which was painted in Verde Mantis, which is even more vibrant than this, and it was so much fun to drive around, simply for the looks its paint got. Drive an M3 in a stock color around and it barely gets a head turn from passersby. However, drive one in a color typically fit for a Lamborghini and people take notice.

Photos by Ivar H.

This car also gets a nice Tartufo interior, which works well with the green exterior paint. Although, the whole green/tan color combo does work better with a darker, more subdued green than Verde Ermes. Still, it’s a cool color combo.

The best part about this car is what it is, though. Despite its exotic car color, there’s nothing exotic about the BMW M340d Touring. It uses a sensible six-cylinder diesel engine, which is powerful and makes the car fast but it’s also relaxed and economical. Then there’s the fact that it’s a Touring, which means it’s practical and usable on a daily basis. The idea of getting a smart, practical daily driver and painting it in an outrageous shade of green is an awesome one and I wish more BMW customers would do it. [Photos by Ivar H.]