The unveiling of the new 2025 BMW X3 is imminent, and we recently had the opportunity to test drive a couple of prototypes. At the event, it was evident that the G45 X3 has increased in size, distancing itself further from the X2, which now more closely resembles the X4. So one has to wonder if a niche model like the BMW X4 still has a place in the lineup. We reported in the past that  there are no plans for a new generation and still seems to be true today.

BMW X4 Prototypes Would Have Been On The Road By Now

BMW X3 G45

Although there was initial planning for a G46 X4 Sports Activity Coupe, it has reportedly been canceled. This cancellation isn’t particularly newsworthy since we, along with other outlets, have reported on it before. The topic gains relevance today because there is a lot of chatter online from people expecting a new generation X4. But if an X4 were planned, prototypes would likely have been observed on the roads by now. Typically, the X4 debuts a year after the X3, with public testing starting 18-24 months before production begins. This explains why we saw numerous X3 test mules last year.

BMW iX3 Render

If there is to be a successor to the current G02 X4, it will be entirely electric. According to some insiders, an all-electric iX4 might be launched post-2026, suggesting an optimistic three-year wait until its debut. This electric iX4 would be built on the Neue Klasse architecture. Initially, the next G46 X4 was intended to follow the new X3’s lead with one model based on the updated CLAR flexible architecture and another electric model on the Neue Klasse platform.

NCAR Will Bring Plenty Of Benefits

The Neue Klasse platform, set to debut in 2025, will first feature a vehicle in the 3 Series segment and an SUV, the NA5 iX3. All Neue Klasse models, including the iX4, will incorporate Gen6 batteries, which promise a 30% increase in range and charging speed, and a 50% reduction in production costs. Furthermore, the use of cylindrical cells in place of the currently utilized prismatic cells will reduce CO2 emissions by 60% during the manufacturing process.

While there is no news regarding the design of the BMW iX4, if production is slated to begin in 2026, we can expect the first prototypes to appear by 2025. The new BMW iX3 is currently undergoing public road tests in preparation for its market launch, which is expected in late 2025 or early 2026, depending on the market.