It’s hard to believe the new BMW X2 shares the UKL2/FAAR bones with its predecessor considering the massive differences in style and size. Known internally as the “U10” model, the second generation has blossomed into a larger model with true Sports Activity Coupe (SAC) styling per the company’s marketing jargon. It’s finally going for that mini-X6 look with a swoopy roofline the old “F39” should have had in the first place. Instead, the original X2 was more along the lines of a jacked-up hatchback with an awkward silhouette.

Following its debut last October, the revamped BMW X2 has officially been launched in Poland. To mark the occasion, the automaker’s local division decided to put the spotlight on the M Performance version. Seen here roaming the streets is the hot X2 M35i painted in a matte color from the Individual catalog. It’s called Frozen Portimao Blue and has been combined with lots of glossy black accents.

M Performance cars are not what they used to be. Even M Lite models now have the M-specific side mirror design, an M logo on the kidney grille, and even a quad exhaust system. Not only that, but this X2 M35i’s gray brake calipers denote it has the optional M Compound brakes. Shared with the conventionally shaped X1 M35i, the upgraded setup boasts four-piston, fixed-caliper brakes with 385-mm drilled discs at the front axle and single-piston, floating-caliper brakes with integrated parking brake and 330-mm discs at the rear. BMW says the brakes are derived from those used by true M cars while being much lighter than the standard ones.

Because the new X2 is now 4.55 meters (nearly 180 inches) long, BMW can comfortably mount these 20-inch wheels without worrying about making the profile look awkward. In fact, there are even larger 21-inch sets available for those willing to go all out.

The previous-generation model was never a strong seller but the new one should make up for that. A lot is riding on the X2 to be a commercial success considering BMW will reportedly discontinue the X4 without giving it a direct replacement. Since the X2 is now much bigger than before, it’ll also indirectly fill the void left after the X4’s rumored demise.

Source: BMW Poland