Well, color us intrigued. New spy shots of a mysterious BMW are making the rounds on social media. Likely an SUV judging by the tall silhouette and the generous ground clearance, the intriguing vehicle was seen hiding under a cover while being carried within an enclosed car transporter. We don’t remember seeing that wheel design before, and the fact that it has a center lock setup leads us to believe this isn’t an XM.

A closer look at the BMW roundel suggests this is a new concept car since the slightly updated logo appears to have the same design as on the i Vision Circular, i Vision Dee, and the Neue Klasse. Logic tells us we’re looking at the new Vision concept announced earlier this week. It’ll be officially unveiled on March 21 during the BMW Group Annual Conference 2024. Details are scarce, but the German luxury brand touts it’ll be a “vision vehicle on the road to Neue Klasse.”

The short front overhang suggests we’re looking at an EV riding on a dedicated platform. A bespoke architecture such as Neue Klasse allows engineers to maximize the wheelbase by shaving off the front and rear ends as much as possible. This is achieved thanks to superior packaging compared to a vehicle powered by a combustion engine. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice there’s another car above it. Judging by the wheels, it’s the Neue Klasse sedan from last year. Perhaps BMW intends to show both at its forthcoming conference.

We are potentially looking at a Vision concept in SUV format. Some of you will recall that it was initially teased as a camouflaged prototype in September 2023 when the sedan was introduced at the IAA Mobility Show in Munich. Although this new car will be labeled as a concept, it can’t be too far off from the production model coming next year. Set to replace the CLAR-based iX3, the new electric SUV will enter production in mid-2025 at the Debrecen plant in Hungary.

If our sources are accurate, the future iX3 is codenamed “NA5” and will spawn a fully fledged M version known internally as “ZA5.” All models based on Neue Klasse will utilize BMW’s sixth-generation battery promising a boost in energy density of over 20% and an increase in WLTP range of 30%. Charging speed is also going up by 30%. Regardless of model, all EVs will have cylindrical cells with a 46-mm diameter but height will depend on the vehicle: 95 mm for cars and 120 mm for SUVs.

Expect to see the tenth-generation iDrive (without the controller) and the Panoramic Vision head-up display as wide as the dashboard. We should learn more about Neue Klasse when the new Vision concept debuts next month.

Source: ajbr.photography / Instagram via wilcoblok / Instagram