It’s not just people who go through big changes; cars can too. An E65 BMW 7 Series, which once drove around officials in Prague, Czech Republic, is a perfect example. This limousine, after traveling 540,000 kilometers, broke down. That’s when it got a new life thanks to E65Overland, who turned it from a luxury vehicle into something much more adventurous. The local shop purchased the vehicle from its owner with an ambitious vision in mind: to convert this luxury sedan into a Dakar-style off-road warrior.

Getting It Ready For Off-Road

Solved Garage, a local bodyshop, began the transformation by first addressing the mechanical ailment – rebuilding the damaged transmission. With the mechanical foundations set right, the team embarked on the more adventurous phase of the project. The initial step was to increase the car’s ride height by 50 mm, laying the groundwork for its new off-road style. To complement this increased stance, the suspension system was rebuilt with polyurethane bushes throughout, ensuring durability and performance on rugged terrains.

A Cool Off-Road Livery

The transformation didn’t stop there. The E65 was equipped with rally-style Rota alloys, matched with chunky tires designed for off-road excursions. Aesthetically, the vehicle was adorned with an iconic livery that pays homage to its rally inspirations, making it a head-turner both on and off the asphalt. Under the hood, Solved Garage didn’t shy away from enhancements. A software upgrade unleashed 210 kW from the 3.0-liter inline turbodiesel engine, breathing new life into the BMW’s performance capabilities. Additionally, a limited-slip differential was installed to navigate slippery tracks with ease, laying the groundwork for even more adventurous exploits. The ambitions for this BMW 7 Series extend beyond cosmetic and mechanical upgrades. Solved Garage plans to introduce a custom set of long-travel coilovers, aiming to bolster the car’s off-road ability further.

However, this Dakar-inspired BMW is far from just being a spectacle. It has proven its mettle on a grueling 6,000 km return journey into the Arctic Circle, traversing through Sweden and Norway. This adventure was made all the more enjoyable thanks to the 7 Series’ luxurious interior, blending comfort with the thrill of exploration. This story also shows us that with some work and creativity, even a car that used to drive around important people can turn into an adventure-loving explorer.