E65 mirror 830x553

Video: Doug DeMuro dissects a 2003 BMW E65 7 Series

The BMW E65 7 Series was one of the most controversial models ever launched by the German car maker. Most of the controversy came from its exterior design, of course, but other things also contribute…

E65 mirror 830x553

Buyer’s Guide: The Infamous BMW E65 / E66 7 Series

Of all the 7 Series models in BMW’s history, the BMW E65/E66-generation might be the most heavily criticized. Some of that criticism is deserved and some isn’t and much of it is debatable. However, what…

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BMW recalls 45K older 7-series cars

BMW is recalling 45,484 2005-2008 7 Series model in the United States because the doors could open unexpectedly while being driven, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said. BMW says the issues are related to the…

What to expect from the G11 BMW 7 Series design