We mostly talk about BMW sedans, coupes, and the occasional hatchbacks that are modified but here we have an SUV. It’s an X3 M Competition that might tempt you into believing it’s completely stock. However, this wild build based on the “F97” is the perfect definition of a sleeper. It has supercar levels of power after UK aftermarket specialists at AMC Performance worked their magic on the inline-six engine.

The ”S58” unit was already good for 503 hp when it left the factory but its output has more than doubled since then. It’s now rocking a whopping 1,100 hp after heavily modifying the 3.0-liter mill. It no longer has a twin-turbo setup since the original configuration made way for a single turbo from KLM Race. This is a fully built engine with basically all the mods you can think of, including compatibility with ethanol.

By the way, the full power is available when the engine is running on E70, which is a mixture of 70% ethanol and 30% gasoline. With the six-cylinder unit now delivering four-digit horsepower to the wheels, the eight-speed automatic transmission had to be beefed up to cope with the extra oomph. As is typical with most project cars, this is a work in progress, and there’s even more power on the way because, you know, 1,100 hp just isn’t enough…

Although this is the smallest M SUV, it’s still a heavy car. Without a driver and in stock form, an X3 M Competition weighs 2,010 kilograms. The 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) run in 3.8 seconds quoted by BMW is likely much improved after jumping from 503 hp to an insane 1,100 hp. We can already imagine the much lighter M2 with this kind of power considering the “G87” generation uses the same engine.

The beauty of this build is that the car remains perfectly usable as the excellent all-rounder it was meant to be, so you’re really not sacrificing much.

Source: Officially Gassed – OG  / YouTube