With the X3 G45’s world premiere fast approaching, it makes sense that BMW is evaluating more and more prototypes with the production body and interior. Such is the case here with this camouflaged test vehicle parked on the side of the road between two test sessions. It has all the panels in place, along with the final headlights, taillights, large two-tone wheels, and interior.

It appears to be an X3 with the optional M Sport Package while the dual exhaust tips indicate it’s not the M Performance model. Replacing today’s M40i model, the hotter M50i will adopt a quad setup and is unlikely to be joined by a diesel equivalent as we believe the M40d will be retired. Although fully covered, the prototype indicates the styling will be an evolution, but you’d better be ready for a revolution inside.

Photo by @curly_96

As expected, the revamped X3 is getting the Curved Display and a simplified dashboard with fewer conventional controls. We’re happy to see the iDrive controller is still there, but we can’t say the same for the X1, X2, 2 Series Active Tourer, nor the upcoming new 1 Series and 2 Series Gran Coupe. The Neue Klasse EVs coming from 2025 will also do away with the rotary knob.

If that flat-bottomed steering wheel looks familiar, it’s because we recently saw it on the 2025 4 Series. It reinforces our opinion this X3 prototype has the M Sport Package. The small gear selector has been in the iX3 since the second half of 2022 but not in the conventionally powered X3. We must be looking at a more expensive version since it has a head-up display and a sunroof. The ribbed surface below the central air vents appears to be a wireless charging pad. Stepping outside, the blue accents in the headlights suggest the prototype had adaptive matrix LED headlights.

Now that the entry-level X1 is 4.5 meters (177.2 inches) long, BMW is likely to make the X3 bigger to reinstate the size difference between the two luxury crossovers. The outgoing G01 model is 4.7 meters (185.4 inches) long. The newcomer will retain the CLAR platform but won’t spawn another iX3 since the electric model will move to the Neue Klasse platform in 2025. Meanwhile, there will be plenty of gasoline, diesel, and plug-in hybrid X3 flavors to choose from.

As you have probably heard by now, the gas models are dropping the letter “i” at the end of their names, so look for X3 20, X3 20 xDrive, X3 30 xDrive, and X3 M50 xDrive models. The diesels will keep the “d” and so will the PHEVs retain the “e.” We’re hearing the M Performance variant is getting more power while the future of a gas-fueled X3 M is uncertain. There are bigger chances we’ll see a full-fat M derivative of the next iX3 instead.

With production supposedly starting this August, the big debut is likely scheduled to take place in the coming months. Don’t hold your breath for another X4 since there won’t be one, at least not with combustion engines. Instead, we’re hearing BMW intends to launch an iX4 on the NK platform after 2026.

[Photos by @curly_96]