The 2025 BMW X3 is months away from its introduction and today we’re learning more about its M Performance model. According to insiders, the 2025 BMW X3 M50 will still be powered by the workhorse B58 3.0 liter six-cylinder which will now deliver slightly more power. The total power output will be 392 horsepower compared to 382 hp in the model it replaces – the X3 M40i. It’s likely that the power upgrade comes from a 48-volt mild-hybrid in the drivetrain.

You might have noticed the lack of an engine designation after the model numbers, and that’s by design. BMW will transition the X3 M40i xDrive to the X3 M50 xDrive designation. Yes, without the “i” because a decision has allegedly been taken to drop the letter from gasoline cars. The diesels will purportedly keep the “d” and the plug-in hybrids are sticking with “e.”

An Evolutionary Design

Design wise, the BMW X3 M50 xDrive also appears to be bigger than the current X3 M40i xDrive model, which makes sense given how the latest X1 has considerably grown, and of course, the new BMW X2. Numerous spy shots have strongly hinted at an evolutionary design without any eccentric details such as an oversized kidney grille or split headlights. It will get the Iconic Glow for the grill. The new headlights will closely mirror the design seen in the latest BMW 5 Series, X1, and X2 models, ensuring a cohesive family look. The taillights’ design will not surprise anyone either: two parallel light bars will extend into the trunk with an X motif wrapping around the fenders.

Flat-Bottom Steering, iDrive 9

BMW iDrive 8.5

The interior will be subjected to major changes by adopting the latest iDrive 9 with a large curved display. Even though it shares the name with the Neue Klasse iX3, the G45 X3 family won’t initially get the same interior design. As expected, the traditional gear shift knob will be replaced by a toggle switch. On the positive side of things, the 2025 BMW X3 will also feature the same steering wheel as the 5 Series and i5 models, characterized by its flat-bottom design.

The 2025 BMW X3 M50 will come with an M Sport suspension in the standard package, but an optional Adaptive suspension will be offered. Largest wheel size? 20 inches which will give the car a powerful stance on the road. We also expect more advanced driving assistance features, but certainly not at the Level 3 that the 7 Series will soon offer.

Production Date and Reveal Date

The 2025 BMW X3 will be unveiled by mid-summer this year. Production of the G45 BMW X3 will begin at the Spartanburg Plant in fall 2024.