Another day, another tuning package tailored to the BMW XM. Following Larte Design’s wild take on the striking plug-in hybrid SUV, Manhart is now presenting “Thor,” the nickname given to the eye-grabbing body kit conceived for the G09. These add-on bits and pieces, made from regular carbon, cost around €36,000, while the forged carbon variant retails for €40,000.

That’s a substantial amount for aftermarket goodies designed for an already pricey model. BMW M’s flagship SUV starts at €132,400 at home in Germany, where the V8 model retails from €178,000. Step up to the XM Label, and you’ll be spending €203,000 before ticking any boxes on the list of options. Despite these high prices for the vehicle and body kit, Manhart claims several customers have already lined up to get the custom parts.

The pièce de résistance has to be the bulging hood featuring a pair of power domes bisected by a central strut. Manhart installed a huge splitter to make the front end look even more dramatic. Moving to the back, a roof spoiler and another aero element on the tailgate below the glass enhance the overall aesthetic. The stacked exhaust tips from the factory now flank a redesigned diffuser. Interestingly, the taillights are now interconnected through a carbon fiber trim piece with an XM logo in the center.

Custom wheels and Manhart’s typical contrasting gold accents round off the brutal makeover the controversial M model has received. These official renderings depict the electrified SUV with the tuner’s logo plastered all over the body, but we’re honestly not sure how many customers would want that since it’s overkill. The XM depicted here without the gold accents has the more expensive forged carbon body kit for those who want to go all out.

This isn’t even the most eccentric XM custom build we’ve seen since Mansory’s extreme makeover for the dedicated M model takes the cake.

Source: Manhart