The BMW XM 50e plug-in hybrid, previously available in various international markets, is now making its debut in Germany. This entry-level variant of the somewhat controversial BMW XM will be the more affordable option and less powerful, of course. The standard XM model boasted 653 horsepower, whereas the newly introduced BMW XM 50e offers a total system output of 476 horsepower and 700 Newton meters of torque.

476 horsepower, 83 km of electric range

At the heart of this six-cylinder hybrid’s performance is the combustion engine, delivering 313 horsepower and 450 Newton meters of torque. Complementing this, the electric motor presents a healthy 197 horsepower and 280 Newton meters, making it particularly effective for solo drives in urban settings. Thanks to its plug-in hybrid design, it can cover up to 83 kilometers on electric power alone according to the WLTP cycle, promising zero local emissions. While it can theoretically reach speeds up to 140 km/h in electric mode, practical use will see the combustion engine kick in at high speeds for added thrust. Despite its impressive capabilities, the BMW XM 50e’s acceleration from 0 to 100 in 5.1 seconds doesn’t quite match the swiftness of its V8 siblings, which clock in at 3.8 seconds.

Aesthetically, the 2024 BMW XM 50e is distinguished by a sleek black accent stripe running along the car’s sides, coupled with a framing for the BMW kidney grille and accents on the rear diffuser, both finished in a Pearl-effect Chrome. Additionally, the exhaust tailpipe trim boasts a Black high-gloss finish, while the model badge is elegantly outlined in silver. It’s unclear whether the overall ride quality has changed compared to the V8 XM and XM Label, but we do know that BMW plans to address that in the future. As a reminder, the BMW XM lineup rides on a springs suspension compared to the air suspension found on other non-M SUVs.

Fuel efficiency shows a slight improvement with the six-cylinder model, consuming between 1.3 to 1.7 liters per 100 kilometers, a modest gain over the V8 variants which consume between 1.5 to 2.0 liters. However, real-world performance could vary. BMW has no plans of bringing the XM 50e to the United States.