Christopher Walken is set to star in a captivating BMW Super Bowl commercial, marking a high-profile addition to the roster of celebrities participating in Super Bowl advertising. Walken, known for his distinctive voice and compelling screen presence, is no stranger to Super Bowl commercials, having previously captivated audiences in advertisements for other brands. He’s succeeding Arnold Schwarzenegger who starred alongside Salma Hayek in 2022.

This year, BMW is leveraging Walken’s unique appeal in a teaser campaign titled “Agent,” which features Walken in an ornate lobby, engaging in a phone conversation with his agent about the concept of a teaser – an ad for an ad. The teaser cleverly plays on the meta-concept of advertising while showcasing Walken’s characteristic blend of humor and intrigue. The BMW logo makes a strategic appearance, building anticipation for what the brand has planned for the Super Bowl.

It’s still unclear what BMW car will be featured alongside Walken, but we certainly expect to see one of the new electric vehicles recently release. The most probable one? The i5 since BMW is already showing the car next to Walken. In 2022, BMW used the iX M60 as the car star of the commercial. Additionally, last December, Walken was spotted on a set with multi-talented R&B singer Usher, hinting at an intriguing collaboration between the two stars.

BMW’s decision to feature Christopher Walken in their Super Bowl ad underscores the brand’s commitment to high-impact marketing strategies. Super Bowl commercials are a significant investment for brands, with the average cost for a 30-second spot reaching $7 million. Such investments reflect the immense value companies place on the Super Bowl’s unparalleled reach and the opportunity to capture the attention of a vast audience.